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Are Apples Good For Dogs? Really? Let’s Talk About It. When you love someone, you try to protect them from all sorts of calamities. The same thing goes for pets.

Your pets are like your family member, and it is your responsibility to keep them safe and provide them an appropriate environment to live life serenely.

Dogs are not only most popular pet besides cats, but they also serve humankind faithfully for security and searching purpose. It is our collective responsibility to prevent this animal as it prevents us.


 Some Dog Owners Understand the Importance Of Their Dogs;


my dog ate an apple core


Therefore, they always try to keep them satisfied. When it comes to dog food, nothing is better than a real bone as they provide calcium, but dogs also need proteins and vitamins too.

Fruits work best for humans as they provide all types of essential vitamins and other nutrients.

Since the body of animals is also made up of muscles, tissues, and bones, so they also require the same kind of nutrients.

Due to which people consider it healthy to feed fruits like apple to their dogs while others wonder are apples good for dogs.

Generally speaking, fruits are harmless for both humans and animals unless you temper with their quality.

You must also know about basic things to protect your dogs.

The first thing you should have in this regard is the list of foods dogs should not eat because the health of humans and animals depend a lot on what they eat.

Here you will find the answer to your query; are apples bad for dogs.

Why Ask Are Apples Good For Dogs


dog eating apples


This question seems juvenile, but lots of dog owners consider it a serious problem because there have been some cases in which dog felt sick after consuming apples.

It is true that metabolism of dogs and other carnivores are different from humans and herbivores.

The Large quantity of some fruits can disturb their metabolism and digestive system due to an increased amount of fibers in the stomach.

Dogs’ body does not respond very well toward a significant fiber, but usually, they don’t feel sick due to fiber.

Apple contains soluble fiber which is not only easily digestive but also very nutritious.

Apparently, there is nothing in the Apple that should make you worried, but there is something more to it.

The seeds and stem of the apple contain Carcinogenic glycosides. This is an organic compound, but it is way stronger than all proteins and vitamins.

It is tough for the acid in the stomach of dog to break the bond of this compound. This compound disturbs the balance of naturally present chemicals in the stomach.

Consequently, the dog feels sick and it may show the symptoms of diarrhea.


apples infographic

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Are Apples Good For Dogs  Experts’ Responses

Experts don’t believe incoincident. They try to find conclusive evidence to rule a product as dangerous.

The composition of Apple does not provide any such evidence.  On the contrary, apples contain Vitamin K and Vitamin C which help give energy to dogs and let them perform difficult tasks.

A small size apple contains 50 to 55 calories which are good enough to provide energy for several hours.

There are two kinds of apples available in the market. These two types of apples are hydrated apples and dehydrated apples.

The nutritious value of both kinds of apple is same, but the only difference is that dehydrated apple does not contain water.

You can use any one of them depending on the other food items. Excess of anything is not good therefore don’t give too many apples to your dog even if someone tells you to do so.



The addition of apple to dog food also depends on the taste of the dog. Dogs also have preferences like humans.

They like some food items and dislike others. It is your task to find out what kind of food items your dog like the most.


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Some dogs love the taste of apple.

There are several videos on different social media platforms which show the amazing reaction of dogs after eating an apple and other fruits.

If you want to feed apples to your dog, then you must take some precautions. First of all, make small pieces of apples if you are feeding raw apple.

The best way to feed this fruit is to mash it then add it to the regular food of your dog.

You can add apple syrup in regular dog food and believe it or not your dog will love it. There are several ways to add the goodness of apple in dog food.

You can buy recipe books for dog food. Yes, there are several books available in the market to make the dog food more delicious and nutritious.

You should ask different pet owners about their experiences with their pet and their food.


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You can interact with them during your evening walk with your dog.

It seems a hectic task, but if you are the responsible dog owner, then you must have a list of fruits that dogs can eat, and you should work for it.

You can even be an expert after few years, and you can change the lives of hundreds of dogs by guiding their owners about healthy dog food and bad dog food.

If you want to get the complete lists of what can dogs eat and not eat then keep searching such informative blogs, websites, and online forums.

Add the product to your list after getting evidence from some credible sources.

You can later share your files with your other dog loving friends.

To sum the whole thing up, apples are very beneficial for your dog as it provides vitamin, calcium, and other nutrients.

There is also some harm associated with this fruit, but you can easily eliminate them.

So, the real question is not that are apples good for dogs, but the real issue is how you should give the apple to your dog.

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