Are Bananas Good For Dogs ? The Biggest Query Of All Dog


are bananas good for dogsWe grow up learning that organic fruits and vegetables are good for health. We eat raw fruits, make their juices, and even include them in our desserts. One of most favorite fruits for almost all people in the world is the banana. This fruit grows in every season and the best thing about it is that people of all ages can consume it without easily. There are lots of health benefits associated with it but the real question here is that are bananas good for dogs? To find the answer to this question we have to analyze the digestive system of the dogs and chemical composition of banana. It is important to have the answer to these types of questions because if you have a dog in your home then you must know what fruits dogs can eat.

Are Bananas Good For Dogs : What Doctors Say About it

According to lots of doctors the banana itself is not harmful to animals. There are lots of animals like monkeys who eat the banana on a regular basis. Some people consider banana harmful because it makes the food in the stomach cohesive which leads to constipation especially when the water component in other food items is not very high. In dogs, banana can lead to constipation if you give you dog several bananas within few hours, therefore, it is important to keep the quantity in check. Dogs are kind of carnivores they used to eat meat and their metabolism perform better when you give them meat and similar food items. Teeth of dogs are also designed for this purpose. They can’t chew food, therefore, doctors strictly avoid giving them a whole banana or big pieces of bananas. It can block the food canal or even intestine of dog which can lead them to the hospital. Moreover, you must also not give the peel of the banana to your dog. Most animals especially herbivores can digest peels of different fruits without any issue it is difficult for carnivores to digest peels. Peel of banana or any other fruit will disturb the stomach of dog and it can even lead to diarrhea. In most of the cases dogs doesn’t eat the food with peels because it is their nature to reject harmful food items but you should also take care of this fact. It is also possible that your dog may not like the taste of banana. There are lots of different types of dogs and every race of dog reacts differently to different situations. It is recommended to visit any experienced veterinary doctor to find out what can dogs eat and not eat based on the race of your dog. Generally, doctors keep the banana in the list of foods that are safe for dogs because all natural elements of this fruits are safe for both humans and animals.

Are Bananas Good For Dogs

Experience of dog Owners

Doctors can explain the potential side effects of a product after analyzing its composition and performing experiments on it in their laboratory. They can’t provide their free opinion in all cases due to legal restrictions and fear of lawsuits. Imagine if a doctor says that you can give your dog banana because it is healthy and your dog ends up in the hospital due to over consumption of banana then you are going to blame your doctors. Due to which doctors usually go through the safe passage and try not to make any conclusive statement. In this scenario, the best way to resolve the mystery of banana for dogs is to ask the dog owners who have added or still adding bananas in their dog’s food. are bananas good for dogsDog owners share their stories on different social media platform, therefore, it is not difficult to find out what other dog owners have to say about this issue. There are some videos on YouTube in which dog owners are giving a banana to their pets including dogs. Most people consider it safe and they don’t fear in feeding their dogs with banana and other fruits. It should not be a surprise that there are several processed food items for dogs in the market which contain banana powder. If you read recipes of animal nutritionists, you will find out that they always include some recipes which contain banana as the primary or secondary ingredient. According to these nutritionists, banana is more like a snack for dogs because it does not satisfy their hunger and it certainly does not fulfill their nutrition requirements. You can keep bananas while traveling with your dog on small trips and walk so that you can calm them down for some down. It is easy to feed banana but make sure don’t feed too much of them because it will disturb their digestive system. Animals are a very sensitive creature unlike what most people think about them. You must give your best to keep your pet healthy. Keep in mind that a dog can be your best friend, therefore, you should take care of your pet’s needs. They can’t speak but you must understand their behavior and try to read their eyes and expressions.

In short, the impact of banana depends on the nature and taste of your dog and your way of giving it to your dog. So, if you are still wondering are bananas good for dogs then you must give it to your dog and check his reaction. It is a fruit; it is not going to harm your pet unless there is something wrong with the quality of banana. Some people give discarded food items to their pets. It is extremely sloppy attitude because your pets are your responsibility and you must take good care of them. There are lots of websites and online forums out there which are providing the authentic list of foods dogs should not eat. You can print out that list and keep it in your pocket while shopping for your dog food.



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