Belly Button Pain – Causes and Solution 2018


Belly Button Pain –An issue that many people go through! Every one of us happens to have a belly button, and this belly button is also known as the umbilicus.

Ever wondered how it got there? Well, the tissues underneath are connected to a cord. And what this does is that it supplies nutrients from the mother’s placenta to the baby growing inside her womb.

Once the baby is fully grown and is delivered this cord is then cut separating the baby from the mother.

While the skin just forms a sort of dimple, this dimple is called a belly button. Many times people suffer from belly button pain and this pain can be a result of various problems and issues.

These problems can either be minor and not that dangerous while others can be pretty serious as well.

While most people tend to neglect this pain it is always better to go to your doctor and it checked up.

Most of the times people just ignore the pain thinking that it would get alright in due course however it is always better to get it checked, just make sure it is nothing serious.

Belly Button Pain Some Secondary Causes:

There are many reasons to why you might be suffering from pain in your belly button.

Some minor reasons include the fact that if you have just undergone surgery, especially if you just had abdominal surgery, it is likely that you may go through abdominal pain around the navel.

This kind of pain is extremely common, and it tends to get better in due time once your body starts to heal.

It is likely that your doctor may prescribe you some medications so that your pain may ease quickly. Belly button pain in women is quite common during their pregnancy days.

This pain is an indication that your body is adapting to the whole pregnancy procedure, however, if this pain becomes unbearable then there might be chances that something is wrong with the baby and it would be you happy to get yourself checked up just to be on the safe side.

Another reason why you might be suffering from this kind of pain is a hernia. A hernia is basically when your intestines or bowel become weak, and the tissue ends up getting torn.

This torn tissue causes pain in the abdominal area; you feel slight pain when you tend to do some particular actions such as bending or lifting something.

To treat the torn tissue, you will have to undergo surgery. You can also go through this pain if you are suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection, commonly from Cystitis.

This can be only cured wife the help of a dose of antibiotics that your doctor will prescribe.

Food poisoning and bacterial infection are another cause of this pain however you can easily get rid of it by taking some medication! Not so surprisingly, wearing tight clothes can also cause you to feel a slight pain in your belly button and the area surrounding it.

If you happen to be wearing some tight jeans, that too for a very long time, then there is a high possibility that you might feel an uncomfortable pain in your abdomen!


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Belly Button Pain Major Causes:

Ever wonder why your belly button hurts sometimes? Well if this pain is unbearable there are chances that you might be suffering from some serious illness, such as an ulcer.

An ulcer is when the lining around your stomach breaks and the acid escapes damaging the tissues surrounding that area.

This can cause internal bleeding and can cause extreme harm. This pain increases especially if you happen to be eating lots of spicy food.

The best way to treat this issue is by going to your doctor who would not only prescribe you some medicines but will also make changes in your diet as well.

Many of us happen to have gallstones; usually, this never causes any issue until and unless a complication arises.

You may experience severe pain from the upper part of your abdomen till your belly button.

Not only do you suffer from abdominal pain around the belly button but you also suffer from vomiting, fever, jaundice, etc.

Pancreatic problems can also cause you to suffer from a tender belly button to touch.

You might also suffer from this pain if there is a problem with your small intestine, this could either be cured wife the help of medicines.

However if serious you might have to get a surgery done.

Another leading cause of sharp pain in the belly button is appendicitis! When your appendix becomes inflamed, it can cause appendicitis, and the pain you feel tends to worsen when you move.

It is better to get immediate treatment as your appendix can burst, and this can cause death The right time to visit your doctor!

Many people, suffering from pain in their belly button tend to ignore it thinking that it would get better all in due course.

However, it is essential to make sure that you get yourself checked.

If you happen to be suffering from this pain for at least three days, then it is crucial for you to pay your doctor a visit.

This pain could be due to some serious illness, and it is better than you to get yourself checked on time.

This way if it is something serious you would then be able to get the right treatment that too on time.

It is entirely necessary for you to understand that while you may prescribe medicines, there is a high chance that you might have to undergo surgery if the pain persists.

Take care of your health!

No matter what might be the actual cause of this pain, it is essential that you must take care of your health.

If you are suffering from some serious illness, then you might have to get a surgery done.

However, remember that there is still a chance that you might go through this sort of pain even after the surgery.

And so to prevent you from the further pain it is better to take precautions! Make sure to keep your diet plan healthy and take the required medications on time!

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