Bipap vs CPAP Which One Is Better?


Bipap vs CPAP  BiPAP is known as Bilevel positive airway pressure while CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure.
Both of the functions are very similar to each other. A BiPAP machine provides therapy to the patients who suffer from sleep apnea.

The CPAP machine serves the same purpose. The pressurised air is given to the patient through a mask.
The pressure of air is constant which keeps the muscles of the throat from collapsing.
However, both of the machines help patients to breathe regularly and quickly.

Both devices are used for the particular purpose. BiPAP is expensive as compared to CPAP but using BiPAP is more comfortable.


The new emerging technologies help to increase the ease of CPAP. Patients who suffer from pulmonary issues use BiPAP.

Extra carbon dioxide is eliminated during the pressure process. Both machines look similar even the attachments of cables are similar.

Following are the details which differentiate BiPAP vs CPAP.

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Bipap vs CPAP: the difference between them

For the obtrusive sleep apnea, CPAP machines are used for the treatment.

They deliver the steady continuous air to the patients. It helps to prevent them from causing apnea events and also keep them from collapsing.

Your physician or the doctor will set the pressure of the CPAP machine which contributes to delivering the constant pressure to the patient.

It helps them to breathe properly and more efficiently.

These devices are set to only one single pressure, and the pressure remains constant.

The constant pressure contributes to getting the equal amount of air all night.

It also contains a ramp feature which sets the initial lower pressure.This pressure builds with the passage of time to the recommended density.

This pressure builds with the passage of time to the recommended density.

The ramp feature provides comfort which makes the pressure less instant and more acceptable for the patient.

Once the pressure gets in rhythm with the setting, it does not change and stays at the same setting for long hours.

Bipap vs CPAP Common complaints

For many patients, some complaints have been recorded that BiPAP vs CPAP devices provide normal pressure which makes difficult for the patient to exhale especially those patients who use these devices at higher pressure.

Patients who use BiPAP devices breathe easily because during the exhalation process the pressure level decreases automatically which makes easy for patients to exhale more comfortably and efficiently.

Bipap vs CPAP Pressure settings

Both of the devices are designed and serve the same purpose, but BiPAP contains two settings for pressure.

One id used during the inhalation use while another one is used during the exhalation.
It is designed in a way that during the inhale process, the pressure increases which makes the airways in the throat or nose open especially when the patient is sleeping.

During the exhalation process, the pressure is lowered down. Many patients find easy to breathe with BiPAP than the CPAP machines which mean BiPAP is more comfortable to use.

Patients who suffer from heart failure or diseases related to lungs or heart find assistance while breathing with BiPAP.



People who suffer from various muscle, as well as nerve problems, find BiPAP convenient to use because it also monitors breathe which a patient takes per minute.

If the breath limit exceeds the set limit, then machine forces the person to breathe temporarily to increase the pressure of air.

The pressure during the inhalation and exhalation process varies and does not remain constant which provides a patient more comfortable sleep.

This machine helps to treat many disorder sleep while CPAP fails to provide adequate breathing to the patients.

CPAP serves those patients who suffer from the mild problem of apnea.

However, even doctors recommend BiPAP machine more than CPAP. Even patients who need to use higher pressure during sleep also use BiPAP.

Both devices are very useful and beneficial for many patients who suffer from breathing problem or sleep disorders. It is one of the appropriate therapy.

C-flex feature

CPAP device also offers a C-flex feature which offers pressure up to 3cm. So the patients who require little pressure can use this machine.

The pressure of BiPAP machine starts from 4cm and up.

Those patients who need low pressure, CPAP with the C-flex feature is best and the right choice.
It is to remember that C-flex does not offer constant or fix the amount of pressure.

It may drop and also vary in every breath.

Consult your doctor

However, both of the machines serve a useful purpose and have provided benefits to thousands of patients worldwide.

The main difference among these devices depends on the need of a patient.

It responds to every treatment in a different way so only the physician can help you and provide you with the best advice.

The recommendation will be based on the result of tests.

The doctor will advise you to take an appropriate test which would be essential for treatment and suit your needs.

If you do not find CPAP suitable for you and have tried it already, then you can talk to your doctor to switch the device for you.

There are chances that the pressure settings will make you difficult to manage during the exhaling process.

You can ask your doctor for a different option if you find any of the machine difficult to use. Every device serves an appropriate treatment.

Main difference

Some patients say that exhaling with the CPAP high pressure is tough because they have to apply more pressure while breathing out.

However, the main difference between BiPAP vs. CPAP is that there are two settings in the BiPAP, which allows the patient to inhale and exhale more conveniently.

The therapy serves non-aggressive treatment which assists and facilitates many patients with apnea problem.

They are designed to keep the airways open and allow users to breathe regularly as well as quickly. It prevents the patients from collapsing because of breathing.

The treatment is safe and convenient to use. The prices may vary from hospital to hospital.
Serve yourself with a better treatment but do follow the precautions and instructions provided by the doctor.

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