Can Black People Get Lice


Ever had an itching on your scalp? You should definitely get that checked out as the itching could indicate that you have a lice infestation. Can black people get head lice you wonder?

Lice are small parasitic animals that reside on the human body their preferred home being human hair. However, there are some types of this parasite that also reside on the human body.

Lice are very contagious and it is very easy to find that you have lice on your scalp if you are not careful. Though they do not spread any diseases, the itch that they bring can be very uncomfortable. Getting a lice head treatment from the grocery store sometimes is not enough.

Who Can Get Lice?

Lice or crabs can thrive on any human scalp or body. They do not consider the race of an individual before building a home in the hair. Whether you are black, white, brown or albino, you can get a lice issue. Anyone and any race including African Americans get lice.

How Can Black People Get A Lice Infestation?

Head Lice are very contagious and it is easy to get some if you are sharing hair products such as combs with a person who has head lice. People can also get lice if you use a helmet, hat or towel that has been used by a person who has head lice. Eastern European Americans, Hispanic Americans, and African Americans all get lice. It is common in elementary schools. Many children of all races are susceptible to head lice.

Lice will also crawl into your hair if you are in close contact with an infected person. It is important to note that contrary to popular myths, they cannot jump or fly. People and head lice don’t mix well, it isn’t pleasant.

Who Is at Risk of Getting Head Lice?

Lice eggs is common in black and white children who are attending Elementary school. This is because african americans and children of all races have a lot of physical contact as they are playing and they also tend to share many of their belongings including hair brushes. Head lice is not fun

One of the reasons why lice are common in children is that most of those who have lice do not actually know that they have them. As such, they tend to innocently share their belongings without knowing they are exposing their friends to lice.

Symptoms of A Lice problem in African American people

The easiest way to know if you have lice is to check your head. They are visible to the human eye and may be seen crawling through the hair. When checking for lice on the scalp, pay special attention to the area behind the ears as they tend to thrive here. Can black people get head lice?

People may also have a head lice if they are exhibiting the following symptoms:

• Swollen lymph nodes

• Sleeping problems

• Crawling skin sensation

• Itchiness

• You feel like scratching your head

However, remember that the symptoms highlighted above may also be as a result of another ailment. As such, before seeking treatment for lice, ensure that you confirm that they are actually there.

Tips on How to Treat A Head Lice Problem

Lice Treatment: If black people have a lice , they need to get treatment in order to kill all the active lice on your scalp. After receiving treatment, people also need to ensure that you get rid of all the lice eggs on your scalp.

If people have head lice they should consult a doctor in order to find the most appropriate medication to get rid of these parasites depending on the level of severity.

Head Lice Treatment Continued:

However, there are also effective home remedies that people have used to kill these parasites.

Some of the most common african american hair treatments people used to combat lice include:

• Over-the-counter liquid medication

• Shampoos

• Pediculicides (lotions)

• Home-made remedies

If you are using over-the-counter medication to treat a head lice infestation, ensure that you read the instructions for use and follow them to the letter. Whether is it white, asian, hispanic, or black people, head lice needs treatment. There is no way to get rid of head lice in african american hair without having the proper head lice medications. Can black people get head lice you are still wondering? Odd, we have answered that question.

After using any of the treatments outlined above, you should then run a fine nit comb through your hair in order to remove dead lice and eggs. You should run the comb from the roots of your hair at the scalp to the top until you have gotten rid of all the lice and eggs. Remember that it is important to remove all the lice and eggs from the hair if you want to avoid a re-infestation. Any American should be weary of head lice. No one wants lice head, it is a health concern in adults and kids. We need to make sure our kids take care of their body as any good american should.

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