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why do my nipples hurt | Reasons

nipple hurt

The majority of the ladies asks this question to their doctors why do my nipples hurt? Having a tender breast is the common reason for this pain. The nipple pain is common in the women who are in the period of the lactation. In fact, breastfeeding is the cause of the inflammation, itchy and tender nipples in the women. Sometimes ...

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cramping after period | Causes And Treatment ~

cramping after period

Cramping after period  Causes And Treatment Women go through several physical changes throughout their lives, and those changes also take their toll in the form of cramping, muscle fatigue, weakness, laziness, and mode swings. Cramping after period is one of the most painful among them. Cramping is very common and natural therefore there is nothing to worry about. If you are ...

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belly button pain – causes and solution 2017

belly button pain

Belly button pain –An issue that many people go through! Every one of us happens to have a belly button, and this belly button is also known as the umbilicus. Ever wondered how it got there? Well, the tissues underneath are connected to a cord. And what this does is that it supplies nutrients from the mother’s placenta to the baby growing ...

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Headache On Top Of Head – Are You Sick Of ?

headache on top of head

  A headache is one of the most common medical conditions which can appear in any person at any time. There are several medicines available to cure a problem, and people use them without knowing that there are different types of headaches. And all of them can’t be treated in the same manner. There are almost 14 types of headaches, ...

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heart attack symptoms in women | Read full on Hlemo

heart attack symptom in women

Are you worried about your heart condition? You must know heart attack symptoms in women to eliminate them fast. The basic definition of a heart attack symptoms in women As the technology improves and the world is rapidly moving towards the modernism. There are various health problems faced by the people, who are still struggling to find their way out with ...

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