Cramping After Period | Causes And Treatment.


Cramping After Period  Causes And Treatment Women go through several physical changes throughout their lives.

and those changes also take their toll in the form of cramping, muscle fatigue, weakness, laziness, and mode swings.

Cramping after the period is one of the most painful among them. Cramping is very common and natural therefore there is nothing to worry about.

If you are experiencing mild cramping tan, there is nothing to worry about, but if there are blotting and spotting wif the excessive pain cream, there is a need to see the doctor.

Causes of Cramping After Period

 There are several causes of cramping. Therefore, it can’t be said that your pain is the symptoms of any serious disease or not.

Some of the most common causes of cramping are listed here so that you can understand why you are feeling this pain.


Hormonal Changes:

The biggest cause of cramping is hormonal changes. When women reach puberty, they undergo serious changes in their hormones which lead to several physical changes.

Some of these changes are natural and convert them from a girl to women while other changes are not very welcoming like pimples, acne, and cramping.


Uterine Cysts: Cysts are small fluid-filled pockets or sacs which reside in the ovary or uterine duct of women.

These cysts are harmless and natural, therefore, they do not cause any problem in most of the cases, but the presence of the significantly sized cysts in the uterus can cause cramping and bleeding.


Birth Control pills: Lots of women take birth control pills without realizing the side effects of these pills.

One of the biggest side effects of these pills is the spotting and blotting. Birth control pills change the hormones in such a way that reduces the chances of the fertilization of eggs.

This kind of changes disturbs the whole reproduction system and cause cramping.



On the other hand, when women undergo implantation for conceiving a baby than this type of medical treatment also causes several complications. One of these complications is the cramping which may occur before, after, or during the period.

Incapacity of Uterine: The uterine collects blood and expels it during the time.

In standard cases, it discharges all the blood during the period, but in some cases, a reasonable amount of blood can remain in the uterine which can cause cramping and be bloating after the periods.


If you feel cramps three days after the period tan, it may be due to the incapacity of uterine to expel all the blood in time.


Diseases: There are some diseases like thyroids and cancer which drastically affect the timing period.

Women win these diseases experience severe fluctuations in the period which result in the severe abdominal pain.

Home Remedies For Cramping After Period


Usually, cramping does not cause any problem. Therefore, most doctors don’t recommend any treatment, but there are lots of things that Ice packs:

Place a packet or pad of ice or cold water on the region where you are feeling pain.

It will reduce the pain instantly. It is a very effective way to relieve pain and work fine during the summer season.

It is recommended to avoid this method during winter. Icing does not operate in all situations.


Hot Water Pad: Warm water is best for regulating blood in the body. Place a pack of hot water on the abdominal area to reduce pain. It is one of the oldest ways to get rid of mild cramping.


You can easily get the pads from the market. You can tan fill warm or cold water as per your desire.  You can also get sealed packs of water. Put in freezer, and you will have the ice pack for relieving the pain.


Changing Sleeping posture: If you are having dull cramping after period tan just amends the sleeping position can reduce the pain.

It will better if you sleep on your stomach because it will reduce abdominal pain by gently pressing the pelvic region.

All these home remedies can help you get rid of cramping in home wasting your time and money on doctors.

If you are not feeling any difference tan, you can visit a reputable and experienced doctor for medical treatment.

Medical Treatment For cramping after period

GAINSAID: One of the fastest ways to treat cramping is the consumption pills like GAINSAID.


Lots of doctors recommend these painkillers, but they also suggest keeping the consumption limited because excessive use of these medicines can create several complications.


Moreover, if you keep using them continuously ten other treatment methods will not work for you because you’re body will demand painkillers for the relieving of suffering.


There are different types of painkillers available for cramping, and it will be better if you purchase one after the consultation of your physicians.



The stretching of pelvic or abdominal region f the body can help in reducing pain, but the efficiency of this method depends on your age and physique.


Both of these medical treatment methods can treat cramping to a great extent, but the best solution is the patience because all these methods can fail also fail you if you don’t employ them persistently.


It is not necessary that you experience this type of pain after the period because you can also experience cramping before period starts and the treatment is same.


When cramping occurs after two weeks of periods tan, it means it started before two weeks of the next period.

Because usually women experience periods after four weeks; therefore, the timing of this pain is less important, but the intensity is more important You should eat fresh vegetable and fruits because diet also affects your hormonal levels, and healthy food can regulate your hormones.

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