Fasting for blood work : What are its benefits ?


Fasting for blood work : What are its benefits ?

fasting for blood work There are numerous people that state that fasting comes with a number of benefits, and one must do it on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. If you are among people that are not aware of what fasting is and what are its pros and cons, you will feel a bit confused by hearing or reading it. Moreover, there are certain people that are curious to know about fasting for blood work and how the body of a person reacts to the fast. In this article, I will state that what is fasting, the effect of fasting on the blood, and some other things about fasting.

What is fasting ?

If you ask to describe the fasting in simple words, one will state that fasting means that you do not eat or drink for a specific period. There are certain reasons why people do it. Some people, particularly the Christians and Muslims, do it for the religious reasons. Some people do it for the sake of good health. When it comes to fasting for health, there are different types of fasting that people do. For example, a person that is fasting for the sake of health may refrain himself from eating and drinking for a specific time of period. However, he may include the intake of healthy juices in that period. Not only this, there are other types of fasting. One may only drink water and eliminate all other things while fasting for health.

Fasting for blood work

When you are fasting, it means that you are not eating and drinking for some time. It brings a number of changes in your body, and you get several different benefits for not eating anything for a certain time span. When it comes to how fasting affects the blood stream of a person, there are a few changes that occur.

First of all, the level of insulin has a significant change in it. It is a positive change as the insulin level drops down in the bloodstream of a person and when this happens, the weight loss is facilitated. How is weight loss facilitated? Well, the low level of insulin in the blood helps a person in burning more fat, so it ultimately has a great effect on weight. Secondly, the growth of a person and the cells of the body are enhanced. It is due to the fact that the growth hormone in a person, who is fasting, increases to as much as 5-fold. It supports the growth of muscle along with fat burning. Moreover, there are numerous other benefits of it on the health of a person. fasting for blood workThirdly, the process of cellular repair is triggered and boosted when a person is fasting. When you fast, your body will start repairing the damaged cells of your body and remove any harmful and waste material that is present in it. Furthermore, when we talk about fasting for blood work , there is a significant change in genes that is highly helpful for a person. This change leads to greater protection against the disease and better growth of a person.

Other effects of fasting

Fasting does not help in improving the blood flow, but it also provides a number of other health benefits. Below, I am going to mention some of the benefits:

  • Weight loss: There are plenty of evidence that show fasting is helpful when people are willing to lose weight. It allows the burning of fat effectively. However, there is a big difference between fasting and dieting. So, do not confuse yourself with it.
  • Increased metabolism: Then the other thing fasting does is that it increases the metabolism rate of a human being. It is because the fasting gives rest to the digestive system of the body. Therefore, the metabolism of a person gets a boost, and one will be able to burn the calories a lot more effectively.
  • Improved appetite: You may think of feeling hunger but what is the point when you are eating after every 3 to 4 hours? Well, the real hunger can only be experienced by fasting for a whole day, and there are some people who fast for 12 to 24 hours, and they know how it feels to be hungry!
  • Improved eating pattern: For good health, a good eating pattern is necessary. If you do not possess a good eating pattern, you will eat in a way that is not good for your health and may get fat. Therefore, it is highly important to keep a good eating cycle so that you do not eat too much neither you consume too less.
  • Improved mental abilities: It is true that fasting helps in the improvement of mental functioning, and one may feel mentally more strong after fasting. It is because when you fast, it gives rise to the production of a protein that is known as the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). It helps in making of new neurons and also increases the chemical productions that are important for good neural health.
  • Improved immunity: The immunity system of a person also gets a boost by fasting. It is because the fasting helps in cleaning of blood and takes away the harmful things from it. Moreover, the inflammatory condition is also regulated, and the radical damage is also reduced by it. It leads to removal of cancer cells as well.


Now you know that what the positive effects of  fasting for blood work are and how it is beneficial for the health of a person. In case that you are looking to fast for health, it is good if you consult with an expert as he or she will be able to give you a perfect advice on how to fast, for how much time you should fast and what to do while you are fasting. If you want to live a healthy life, you must eat healthily. Eating healthy will give your body required nutrients and will make you feel energetic and active.



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