Gestation Period For Cats Starts Your Responsibility Doubles


Gestation period for cats how and when many people love to keep pets, especially cats.

You will stumble across many such households where you’d find a cat laying around somewhere on the couch, purring away.

However keeping pets is a huge responsibility, you have to make sure to put in all of your efforts.

While there are many pets that one can keep however cats seem to among the most preferred ones instead.


Things that you need to remember before getting yourself a cat include the fact that you will have to feed it on time, give your cat a bath, take out time to trim it’s nails, see to it’s health and make sure that your cat does not go through any sort of trouble at all.

Cats are cute and cuddly animals that tend to warm up to people quite quickly and therefore it is your responsibility to take care of its needs.

Remember, if you happen to have a female cat the responsibility doubles! You have to make sure to attend to your cat’s needs.

You need to realize that you will have to pay special attention to your cat when she is pregnant.

Once Gestation period for cats starts the responsibility increases, you will now need to keep an eye on your cat!

The Gestation Period For Cats Has Started?


cat pregnancy symptoms


When your cat is all ready to have babies, you may consider her a queen because this process is known as queening.

Most people wonder how long is cat pregnancy; well it usually ranges from about 56 days to about 72 days at least.

Your cat is going to turn pregnant after several mating, and this period will then last for about nine weeks!

A cat gets into heat about after ever two to three weeks, during this time, there is a high possibility that your cat might get pregnant.

Once your cat gets into heat, you will notice some changes in her behavior.

Your cat might start attracting male cats so that it may mate.

Your cat may also lose her appetite and might just become extremely affectionate as well usually this kind of behavior lasts for about six to seven days at least.

And once the days have started to get longer and warmer there is a high chance of your cat mating and ending up getting pregnant.

After this, you might just notice a few signs of pregnancy.

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How to tell if a cat is pregnant? Well, when your cat will be in 15 to 18 days into her pregnancy you will see her nipples start to swell up a bit.

Also, her nipples would most likely turn red or pink, and you are likely to see some white milky fluid coming out as well.

However, this is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy, usually, when cats are in heat their breasts swell up and turn pink as well.

Also, your cat might get morning sickness as well; she might just lose her appetite or might suffer from vomits.

However, if she vomits persist, then it would be better to take her to the vet and get her checked up.

You can, however, watch your cat and see if its abdomen is swelled up.

If your cat has just simply gained weight, then it is likely that its entire body will turn heavier whereas if she is just pregnant, then only her abdomen will swell up.

Try not to touch her stomach or poke at it leave this to the vet since you could hurt the unborn babies accidentally and cause a miscarriage.

Some other pre-labor signs in cats include the fact that you might see your cat showing some nesting behaviors; this is usually a few days before her labor.

You will see your cat preparing for her litter by bringing any blanket she finds or a towel and rearranging it into a soft bed.

If you are still unsure whether your cat is pregnant or not it is better to take her to a vet.

Even though you might have seen it mating but it would do you good to remember that a cat never gets pregnant just by mate once.

It needs to mate several times before she can get pregnant.

Therefore, it is better not to assume, take her to the vet and get her checked out.

You can even get an ultrasound done as well if your cat is 45 days into her pregnancy it becomes easier to guess the number of kittens that are present in her womb.

Make sure that you don’t get your cat vaccinated during this period; this can harm the kittens and your cat as well.

The Gestation Period For Cats Ends, What To Do?


cat pregnancy test


Make sure to keep an eye on your cat; you may see some cat in labor signs.

If your cat is behaving strangely and is refusing to eat and seems restless, well then get ready-you’re about to witness something great.

Your cat will settle in such a place where she could be alone.

At least 12 to 24 hours before your cat goes into labor her temperature will drop and right before work she will seem irritated.

She might be starting purring loudly and would want to wash again and again.

You will then notice that your cat is going through some abdominal contractions and you would see some discharge coming out of her vagina.

This is something common, however, if you see that this discharge is discolored and is black or includes blood it is better to call your vet.

And soon after this release, you would see the kittens coming out as well.

Usually, this is a smooth process, and your cat is likely to the handle this on her own.

However, it is better to keep an eye out and make sure nothing odd happens.

Like if you see some massive discolored discharge then it is better if you intervene.

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