Headache On Top Of Head – Are You Sick Of ?

headache on top of head


headache on top of head Headache is one of the most common medical conditions which can appear in any person at any time. There are several medicines available to cure a headache and people use them without knowing that there are different types of headaches and all of them can’t be treated in the same manner. There are almost 14 types of headaches and it is not possible for a common person to remember all these types of head pains and identify them every time when feel pain in the head , therefore, medicine companies has manufactured one pill to treat almost all types of headaches. The dangerous of all types of head pains is a headache on top of head because it is most frequent one and can lead to several other conditions like stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, etc. It is important to know the causes of this type of head pain as it can help you to treat it effectively.

Causes Of

headache on top of head

The brain is the most mysterious organ of human body. Scientists and doctors are studying it for centuries but still never fail to surprise them. Most of the head pains, but not all, are somehow linked to the brain. Mental activities heat up the brain, therefore, we require sleep. Sleep does not only relax your body but it also relaxes your mind and streamlines all your thoughts. You can go insane if do not get sleep for three to four consecutive days. headache on top of head Sleeplessness is one of the major causes of a headache. According to latest study 20% of people suffering from pain at the top of the head reach this condition due to tension in their life. Usually, adults face this type of a headache due to tension associated with the jobs, business, and domestic lives but now students are also experiencing this type of head pain. Extreme competition in schools and higher educational institutes causes stress which can lead to a headache. In some cases, headache on left side of head can also appear due to stress. Sometimes extensive reading in dim lights causes this condition.

Cold and changes in weather can also stimulate a headache. When the weather changes your body produce more mucus especially in the region behind the eyes. There are two small capsule shaped spaces in that area which is called sinuses. When these sinuses fill with mucus they cause heaviness of head and headache. This type of head pain at the top of head can stay for few days depending on the weather and flu conditions. A cough can also cause a headache in some situations because when you cough it applies pressure on the top of your head and you feel pain impulse at the time of cough. You can hold your head to reduce the impact of cough on the head.

Dos For headache on top of head

It is certainly possible to treat chronic pain in head without visiting a doctor but it does not mean that you should follow this path. It depends on your comfort level with the home remedies. The best thing you can do to get rid of a headache on top of head and forehead is relaxing. Try to find a quiet and tidy room to relax because this type of room will let you relax your mind in a much better way. Try focus on the breathing as it will distract you from your worries. You can also listen to a soothing low beat music to distract mind but don’t force yourself to listen to music. You can’t change your life immediately, therefore, it is not possible to get out from the stressful situation right away. In this case, you best option is to center your thoughts on the positive aspects of your life. Try to find out the reason of a headache to treat it. Sometimes you don’t know why you are feeling the pain in the head. In this scenario, it is recommended to keep doing normal activities without focusing on head pain. If the pain is extreme then lay down and relax for some time. Over-relaxation can aggravate the situation, therefore, optimum amount of sleep is necessary. If you are also feeling pain at the back side of the head then it is time to see the doctor because back head pain can be the symptom of the tumor.

Don’ts For headache on top of head

The worst thing you can do with a head pain is hard mental work, especially in a stressful environment. If you have a strict deadline and you have to complete a task no matter how extreme your head pain is then you should take the pills but make sure to not use them on a regular basis. There is no doubt that pills are the simplest way out of a headache but it is not the most effective way. If you take these pills continuously for a long period of time then you body will refuse to fight the pain unless you take the pills. Actually, chemicals reduce the natural immunity of person to fight with unfavorable changes in the body. You have natural tendency to get rid of head pain on top of head but you have to wait for few hours because the body takes its time to repair the system. You can help it through natural ways like relaxation. Doctors suggest some drinks like tea and coffee to reduce the impact of a headache. This treatment worked for most of us and all of us must have used this treatment method at some point in our life.

So, there are lots of different ways to treat a headache on top of head but the best way is the one which solves your problem. You can also experience two or more types of head pains at the same time. In this case, you should consult any experienced physicians because there are lots of serious diseases associated with headaches. Doctors can treat you in much better way.


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