Heart Attack Symptoms In women | You Should Really Care About It.


Are you worried about your heart condition? You must know heart attack symptoms in women to eliminate them fast.

The Basic Definition Of a Heart Attack Symptoms In Women

As the technology improves and the world is rapidly moving towards the modernism.

There are various health problems faced by the people, who are still struggling to find their way out with the help of improved theories. Experiments, and technology.

Unfortunately, increased rate of heart attacks and other heart-related problems hold a primary position in the list of such problems.

The blood circulation is vital for the efficient functioning of the heart, and if any heart muscle stops receiving the blood supply.

It can result in a heart attack.

The coronary artery is responsible for the circulation of the blood to the heart muscle if it gets blocked.

A sudden and severe pain in the chest strikes, hence leading to the heart attack.


 Chances Of The Heart Attack In Men and Women


heart attack symptoms in women over 60


Any person can suffer from a heart attack, apart from the age and gender differences.

Though it is true that youngsters tend to suffer less from the heart attack and this can be due to many reasons, such as their increased level of activity.

On the other hand, if we talk about adults, the females are exposed to the risk of heart attack.

Fifty percent more than the men and same is the percentage is also same when it comes to the death rate after surviving a heart attack symptoms in women.

Throughout the world, almost one woman dies every minute because of a heart attack.

These stats might sound unfair and dreadful, but we really cannot do anything about it.

Though, the doctors did find some reasons. Which can be considered as the cause of this particular discrimination and those will be discussed in this article, later.


The Symptoms Of a Heart Attack In Women

There are many symptoms, which should be considered while self-diagnosing for any heart-related problems.

Some of those symptoms are discussed below.

  • Chest pain

The chest pain is one of the most common symptoms of a heart attack among both the men and women.

It is not necessary that there will always be a sudden pain in the chest if one is about to suffer from a heart attack.

The chest pains can always be there, and you might just be ignoring it. Therefore, it is suggested to immediately consult a doctor, if you face such on and off chest pains.

  • Excessive breathlessness

Most of the women, who suffer from heart diseases claim the problem of sudden and extreme breathlessness.

Which keeps getting worse after exertion and many women do not take it seriously.

Together with the breathlessness, excessive sweating is also claimed.

  • Unusual fatigue

The unusual fatigue is another heart attack symptoms in women.

The symptoms of unusual fatigue include a problem in sleeping, breathlessness, nausea.

Massive chest and feeling tiredness after doing any work such as shopping or pouring some water for oneself.

  • Pain in the body

The sudden pains in the body can also be considered as a symptom of a heart attack.

The pain usually strikes, arms, left the side of the upper body, left shoulder, and neck.

If you are feeling these symptoms, the chances are higher that you are a heart patient.

  • Cold sweat and sudden dizziness

The cold sweating and sudden dizziness are two of the vital symptoms of a heart attack.

The cold sweating can be due to the problem of arrhythmia.

Due to which the hearts start to beat very fast or slow and often causes the stoppage of oxygen throughout the body.

Then there is a chance of cold sweating also-also a sudden dizziness because not enough amount of oxygen is reaching the heart and brain.

  • Indigestion and abdominal pain

People suffering from heart disease also claim the problem of indigestion.

It is because the overall functions of the body and heart are disturbed due to the particular reason.

Which also ends up causing a disturbance in the digestion system.

The abdominal pain is another common symptom of a heart attack.

It can get so complicated and severe at times, that it almost becomes unbearable for the person to bear it.


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The overall causes of a heart attack symptoms in women

It is true that the reasons for a heart attack vary from men to women because of the difference in their body structure.

Work or activity schedules and coping capabilities.

There are many factors which are responsible for a heart attack.

  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

As per a research, it has been found out that stress, anxiety, and depression are three of the most common causes of a heart attack symptoms in women.

Also, the reason for this particular fact has also been identified, which is that the females take more emotional stress than the men.

  • Problems in the heart valves

The heart valves allow the flow of blood towards the heart.

And if for some reason, the heart valves do not open or also do not close properly.

Then the leaflets of the valve start to bulge and let the blood to flow backward through them.

  • An arrhythmia-abnormal beating of the heart

The heart rate is also critical for a healthy heart.

The arrhythmia is a heart-related problem in which the heart either starts to beat very fast or too slow.

It can affect the functioning of the heart because the heart stops pumping enough blood.

Which is required to meet the overall needs of a whole body.

  • Heart failure

Almost, everyone is aware of this case, which leads to the heart failure.

In this condition, the heart stops pumping the sufficient amount of blood.

Which is needed to operate efficiently and also, the overall body and heart do not get enough oxygen.

The other usual causes of a heart attack include the smoking of cigarettes, consumption of oily food.

And also the use of certain drugs such as nicotine and cocaine.

All these reasons can lead to the heart-related problems, which deliberately result in a heart attack symptoms in women.

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