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Doors and windows are the most popular means of entrance for intruders. They target windows with poor locks, gap between the window and frames, windows blocked by bushes and are made of material that can be broken easily. 

 Home safety begins by buying high security windows and doors that will protect your home. It is sad that most home owners neglect home security until something tragic happens. 

Robbers will not only cost you money but your peace of mind as well. They take away valuable items and in some cases, they cause body harm.

Features to look for when buying High Security Windows

Your home is your castle. It is therefore extremely important that you and valuable items are protected. The materials that you choose for your windows will make a difference in protecting you.

A high security window should be internally glazed for better security. It should have high security locking mechanism, built of high-quality materials such as toughened safety glass or stainless steel, reinforced and even multi-chambered if possible.

Window Frame Materials

Aluminum windows are durable, lightweight and easy to handle. They are also rust-resistant. Stainless steel is another material commonly used to construct window frame. It is a sturdy metal that is weather and rust resistant. 

Window Locks

Consider buying high security windows with advanced locks. Don’t buy locks that are easy to break with a hard push from an intruder. You can opt to buy a window with smart locks. They are hard to crack and can only be opened with an electronic key or phone.

Choose a window Style with secure features

Some window styles are associated with security. Casement windows have 2 locking arms which can deter intruders from opening.  Double-hung windows are commonly found in residential homes because of their added safety features such as a pry-resistant sash design.

Reinforced Glass

Glass plays an integral role in making windows. It is a transparent material which transmits natural light. It is also weather and rust resistant. However, it is easy to break and many criminals don’t need to hunt around for unlocked door.

They smash glass that is not reinforced and enter the house. Buy high security windows that have hard to break glass. Tempered glass is also hard to break.

Number of panes

A window with reinforced glass and more number of panes is difficult to break in. Triple pane window is safer than 1 pane window. 

Window Alarms

Secure your windows with break-in sensors. Alarms can be fitted on your security windows to alert you when a window has been broken into. Intruders will not be interested in breaking in your house if they know there are break-in sensors in place.

Our High Security Windows Installation Service

Proper installation is paramount for your high security windows. They need to open and close smoothly in order to offer the security needed. Contact us for expert service. We offer professional service from experienced and skilled window installers. Why choose us;

-Our security windows are high-quality and reinforced. We also source from renowned manufacturers

-Our window installers are committed to customer’s satisfaction

-We have an excellent customer support 

-We offer timely, weather proof and rust resistant window installation

Final Thoughts

Many intruders access a home or office through a door or window. You can make your home more secure by investing in high security windows with better locks, reinforced glass, window alarms, more window panes and high-quality frame.

In order to play safe with your security windows, never forget to lock them when leaving. Also clear any bushes surrounding your home and window. These are hiding spots for most intruders.

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