How To Blow Dry Hair At Home- The Ultimate Guide 2018


Who minds nice and long salon hours of self-care! Well well maybe we don’t but our nosy pockets do (urghh) and we have a reason to sulk! But we can always take a DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials and save a few thousand and yet have an amazing blow dry time home, right? Wanna show off some volume today? Or want your hair to complement your style statement for once, blow drying works wonders but blow drying uses heat and not using heat correctly could cause your hair to get damaged and dry. So here are few step by step guide to How To Blow Dry Hair At Home. 


How To Blow Dry Hair At Home


First things first! Wash your hair with a nice nourishing shampoo and condition is for a better texture and glossy look. Once done with shampoo, dry your hair and scalp with a dry and clean towel. Comb your hair when its slightly wet. Now, flip your locks towards your face and use a small amount of heat protection cream from the roots to the tips. A small amount of serum would do too! Try and prevent it from touching your scalp as it can lead to greasiness and spoil to the texture you are looking for.


Step 2:

Now do not jumble your hair strands back to the mess. Keep it as it was hair as namely, flipped out on your face and start blow drying it slowly. Make sure that you keep the blow dryer’s nozzle at least ten inches away from your hair or there are high possibilities that your hair might entangle with the fan inside the blow dryer. Start blow drying from the roots to the tips moving along your hair shaft, not against it. Moving against it can jumble your hair strands resulting in a number of knots.


Step 3:

Just ensure that you are doing it the correct way, thoroughly blow drying your hair, You have speed controllers which can help you to manage the pace of blowing. Now move your locks to the side and thoroughly check all the locks with your fingers to see if you missed a spot. Now that you’ve spotted the less dry portions with your fingers simply let the blow dryer’s nozzle follow your fingers and blow up the wet area well. It will still take some time to dry it up completely and set your hair style but patience is the key and trust me it will be worth it!


Step 4:

When you see that your hair has nearly dried, now you are supposed to divide it into two equal halves and put one in the front and the other side out at the back. Now take the front half and further divide it into 3 equal sections. Take a paddle brush in one hand and follow the brush with the blow dryer with your other hand. Keep doing this for a while until you see the texture of your wet hair changing. Remember, always keep the nozzle in the direction of your hair shift not against it. Once you are through this, repeat the steps all over again for the back section of your hair. Easy peasy right? If that was not so easy peasy for you, we still have a way out for you. Now you can anytime use urbanclap couponsand save your money and efforts for another bright day.


Step 5:

Ah ah… you are still a step to reach your goal, you’re almost done! Now, all that is left to do is you have to use a blast of cold air to seal your cuticles this is the key for setting up your hair! If the cuticle are not closed with the cold air the hair might turn all frizzy and untidy in no time. Lastly, spritz your hair with some shine spray and ta-da you are done!!! Told you it is no rocket science!


So these were a few amazing and easy steps to blow dry your hair at home. Saved some bucks – Check, learned something new- Check and no relying on your salon for styling- Check, do it anytime anywhere you want- Check! Now all that is left for you is to style your hair for ‘no occasion’ at all! You can always style is your hair just like salons and maybe brag about your style to anyone and everyone now. You can thank me later! Cheers^^

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