How To Treat Infected Nipple Piercing | The Ultimate Guide.


Nipple piercing has got into the trend with celebs like Rihanna, Christine Aguilera & Nicole Richie. However, it is not at all like customary ear piercings. It can be quite hazardous and may lead to infection as well. Before I jump on to sharing the facts about how to treat infected nipple piercing, let me tell you what it actually is! Nipple piercing is generally done right at the centre of the nipple or at any certain angles of the nipple. Nipples are quite sensitive, and thus, a piercing can cause serious consequences in several ways. A nipple piercing is basically a self-inflicted wound that starts healing as soon as it occurs. Provides that your piercing is successful, the wound shall start healing right around the jewelry.


Types Of Jewellery For Nipple Piercing:


Jewelry used for nipple piercing is generally classified as painful pleasures. Here are a few varieties that you may keep in mind:

  • Nipple rings: You can decide from any kind of material that you fancy about, such as steel, titanium, sterling silver, gold, etc.
  • Nipple shields: These are quite fashionable and appear in several designs or shapes like hearts, angle swings, stars of roses.
  • Barbells: Circular barbells, bent barbells, straight barbells, bar closure rings and coil closure rings are some of the best options for nipple piercing.

Before purchasing any kind of jewelry, you must take suggestions from your piercer as he or she would be the best to recognize the degree of sensitivity of your skin and advice you regarding the material accordingly.


Symptoms Of Infected Nipple Piercing:


  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • A small amount of discharge (odd colors like yellow, brown or green)
  • Hematomas (cysts filled with blood that needs medical drainage)
  • Keloid scars (often need surgical treatments)
  • Swelling
  • The piercing may feel hot
  • Extreme pain and sensitivity to touch
  • Foul smell
  • Rashes
  • Body ache
  • Fever
  • Emission of pus

If you can find out any of these signs, they could be a deliberate indication of pain. Do take a note of the following and consult your doctor at the earliest without any delay.


What Causes Infection


how to treat infected nipple piercing

Generally, touching the pierced area too often can lead to infection as your hand may have the presence of bacteria and they may get hold of your delicate tissue and multiply over there. This also makes tools for the pathogens. The size of the jewelry and its materialistic composition can also lead to infection.


Exposing the pierced area to any kind of body fluids such as saliva may cause infection as well. Also, wearing tight clothes at the site of your pierced area may prevent the wound from healing and lead to infection on the contrary.


How To Treat Infected Nipple Piercing?


nipple piercing at home


If you are witnessing any sort of complication due to nipple piercing, do not cut, poke or pinch the affected area. This may enhance your trouble and lead to serious issues. Instead, you can either visit a doctor or handle the infected area calmly.

  • Keep the site clean: Use mild soaps meant for sensitive skin to wash the infected area. Then dry it properly. Avoid using harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, ointments, alcohol, harsh soaps, cleansers or detergents.
  • A warm compress: Dip a soft towel or a piece of cloth into lukewarm water and then compress it on your nipple. You may choose to add a pinch of salt to the water to enhance the effect.
  • Discard over the counter ointments, creams and antibiotics: This may create homes for bacteria instead of driving them away. Thus, use topical antibiotics prescribed by the doctor to treat your infection.
  • Take nutritious food and a good sleep: Consume a healthy and nutritious diet and make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to avoid any sort of Infection. Also, sleep tight to get your wound healed and enhance the growth of new cells.
  • Natural treatment: Make a paste of neem leaves and blend turmeric into it. This is an amazing way to treat your infection if you are opting to treat your infection at home. The antiseptic properties of neem and turmeric may heal your wound faster.


What Diet To Follow To Avoid Nipple Infections?


Although there’s no such specific diet to be followed for nipple piercing, if you get an infection and want to know a particular diet about how to treat infected nipple piercing, you can choose to have a healthy diet. Add more of nutrients, basically vitamins and minerals to your diet along with iron-rich foods to enhance the healing process and avoid the nipple infection from growing higher. You can consult your piercer and try to avoid citrus fruits and sour, good products if you are infected. Remember, old people used to say to get away from pickles and lemons while you have an infection or used to get your nose and ears pierced.


How To Get Your Nipples Pierced To Avoid Infection?


  • Step 1- Get hold of a professional

A lot of people tend to go to roadside piercer just because they want to save their money. However, you must not do that as they may cost you less but you would be more prone to infection in that case. Instead, it is way better than you opt for the option of choosing a professional piercer who is well aware of the procedure and how to handle things properly. He or she would also be able to suggest you about the aftercare prospects. Besides, you must always have a consultation with someone you know who had got his or her nipples pierced before to understand the probabilities and whether you still want to get your nipples pierced or not.

  • Step 2- Visit the parlor and talk to the piercer in-direct

This is more important so as to ensure that you are able to get a clear conception of what could be the consequences of the piercing is done. The piercer would also be able to give you a fair idea about the sensitivity of your skin and select materials based on the same. Also, take a note of the hygiene of the parlor. Make sure that the entire surrounding is clean. Do not just rely on the name and fame of the parlor but also have a good concept of the techniques they use. This would also give you the confidence and help you make your mindset.

  • Step 3- Take a knowledge about the pros and cons of nipple piercing

Although nipple piercing has become a fashion these days, it has its own pros and cons. It may make you look funky and stylish, but at the same time, you must be aware of the amount of difficulty you have to encounter since such piercing is more prone to infection.


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Will Nipple Piercing Affect Your Breastfeeding Ability?


If you are pregnant, you are more likely to be infected. Thus, it is always recommended to avoid nipple piercing for at least 1-2 years after your delivery. Besides, if you are breastfeeding, make sure that you have taken off your jewelry since that would create a scope for your baby to swallow the jewelry as well as affect its teeth and gums.


Side Effects Of Nipple Piercing:


Apart from redness and itchy skin, here are some other side effects that you may see occurring to you. They are as follows:

  • The infection may extend from your nipples (milk ducts) to lymph nodes below the arms.
  • Nerve damage could be caused due to improper piercing.
  • Keloid scars.
  • You may find a little blood oozing out of your nipple. Sometimes, the blood loss can be higher which could be fatal.
  • You can find cysts inside your nipple or somewhere around your breast.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Hepatitis C and hepatitis B infection.


How To Avoid Nipple Piercing Infections?


After your nipple is pierced, here are some of the tips that you need to follow if you really want to know how to treat infected nipple piercing:

  • Avoid touching your wounded part or pierced area too often.
  • Ensure wearing light and loose clothes as tight outfits may pinch your pierced site.
  • Get a proper wash or a bath to clean your body. Make sure you stay away from fragrant products or soaps and lotions that use too much of harsh chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, and similar compounds.
  • Stay away from nipple piercing jewelry that is made of Nickel as such products tend to cause infection.


When to See a Doctor


If you see an infection around the pierced site of your nipple, try out the homemade treatments for 1-2 days. In case you think they aren’t working or things get worse, make sure that you consult a doctor for you may require medication. You may even choose to talk to the piercer as he or she would be able to suggest you about the treatment and minimize the symptoms by identifying the cause of sensitivity of your skin.




Although modern girls are too fond of nipple piercing these days, a common query that most of them ask is how to treat infected nipple piercing. Thus, make sure you take every precaution as mentioned above to avoid infection. Even though you get an infection, try to opt for natural treatment at first and then switch on to a doctor if things do not work out naturally.

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