MPV Blood Test The Significant Health Contributor!!!


Mpv Blood Test is known to have a count for platelets.

It is a machine-calculated measurement that gives an average of platelets found in blood.


There is sure automated blood analyzer that depicts the ratio of elements in the blood.


For instance, platelets distribution width tells the ratio and distribution of platelets in blood level.


Mpv blood test reflects the average platelets size present in a person’s blood sample.


This is the best measure to know the platelets count in a blood sample. And also it’s up and down in the blood level.


It detects disorders of blood; health condition is estimated through platelets examination.


Mean Platelets Volume (MPV) Blood Test Understanding:


There are three main components of blood i.e.


white blood cells WBCs, Red blood cells RBCs, and platelets. Among three, WBCs are larger while RBCs are relatively smaller.


The primary component in the composition of blood is platelets that are of critical importance for blood clotting.


Any patient admitted to hospital for any illness is first subjected to platelets count.


When we say mean platelet volume (MPV), we refer to normal platelets measured in blood and scientific machine apparatus is used to calculate it.


The normal blood sample taken from a patient’s vein is tested under complete blood count.


The general level of mean platelet count ranges to 7.2 to 11.7 femtoliters i.e. 2.8-micrometer tiny sphere.


If some MPV value goes out this range, it is an indication of clinical process.


Now, there are two categories of MPV i.e. if MPV is above the normal range, is called macro thrombocytes and below the normal range are termed as micro-thrombocytes.


Lower MPV than average is a risk factor resultant of drugs use.


These medicines may prove toxic to body cells, hence, kill platelets or destroy the bone marrow sites.


With a normal platelets count, a lower MPV is an indicator of kidney failure.


More Economical MPV also is the sign of bleeding.


People suffering from more economical MPV are directed to take aspirin since they have an impaired blood clotting system.


Mpv blood test significance


Mpv blood test has a high importance in many clinical conditions.


It is used as a prognostic marker in the determination of the patient condition suffered from the acute stroke.


People intended to think how they may increase their platelets count to avoid any unpleasant disorder.


If you are experiencing a low platelet condition, there is no specific treatment for it.


Though there are some symptoms of low platelets, yet, they can be increased by opting influencing dietary condition.


Low platelets count is followed by bruising, bleeding without an apparent reason, prolonged menstrual periods, and the most important non-stop bleeding or inability to form the blood clot at injury is a characteristic of platelet deficiency.


Platelets are formed in the bone marrow and released into the bloodstream after they get mature.


Through MPV blood test absolute values depict actual blood status.


For instance, high MPV is characterized by a low platelet count in some people; it is an indicator of platelets production through bone marrow, and that releases it to blood circulation.


MPV may be low in some people, low production of platelets due to affected bone marrow production.


Mpv blood test is an accepted marker standard for platelets function.


It is an inexpensive blood test, yet, yields valuable complete information.

MPV blood test  analysis yields following significant information:

  • Granules
  • Aggregation with collagen
  • Thromboses A2 level
  • Glycoprotein receptors

All these substances secrete coagulation, thrombosis, inflammation, and atherosclerosis mediators.

According to an estimated study, MPV levels are associated with venous and arterial diseases like coronary artery disorder, stroke, diabetes, venous thrombolytic and hypertension.

It is said that patients with more MPV have to suffer from the high and severe stroke.

Increased MPV is a cause of reactive platelets, so is a risk for vascular mortality.

This high MPV is an indication of platelets destruction.


MPV blood test associated syndromes:


If there is a decrease in MPV, it is accompanied by certain illnesses and symptoms.

For instance, Aplastic anemia, it is the failure of bone marrow so no platelets production.

Aldrich syndrome, it is characterized by the smaller size of platelets and low count.

Platelets storage pool, it is a deficiency disorder and a clinical condition associated with smaller and immature platelets.

On the contrary, if there is an increase in platelets count, again certain disorders may results.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia is a condition of low platelets formation accompanied by bruising all over the body.

Bernard-Soulier is a syndrome where giant platelets start configuration.

Giant platelets are often of the size of a normal red blood cell.


Why go for MPV blood test?


This is a routine blood test that possesses all necessary information.

In a case of too many or too little platelets, doctors recommend for this test.

If a person has a condition of too many platelets, it is known as thrombolytic, and its symptoms are:

  • Dizziness or a headache
  • Bleeding
  • Burning of hands & feet, numbness and
  • Weakness

If a person has to few platelets, he/she may experience:

  • Bruising of skin e.g. purpura.
  • Nose and mouth bleeding.
  • Red dots over skin e.g. petechiae and
  • Bowl movements flowing.

Normal platelets level in blood is 150,000-450,000.

Less than 150,000 platelets are considered small.

Less than 20,000 platelets cause serious issues.

Follow-up tests for low platelets count:

Sometimes, after MPV blood test with a little indication of platelets count, it becomes perplexing to find the cause.

If the abnormal results are not apparent from medical examination, it is needed to do additional tests.

Suspected causes may result from blood smear and complete blood count test, so some other tests are complementary i.e.  MPV is a part of CBC test.


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