6 Awesome Ways To Treat a Hematoma Effectively.


If you are wondering how to deal with a hematoma, either apply excessively expensive cosmetic surgery to delete bruises in the skin or cover with the makeup layer.

But two methods are not for everyone, so you should read and consult our below instructions to find not only natural.

Efficient but also economical simply measures for yourself at home.

What is a Hematoma?

A hematoma is a phenomenon that blood vessels are broken; blood flows out, is congested under skin and forms bruises.

The phenomenon happens due to either injury, knock, congestion after the operation, injection or may involve blood disease.

How to Treat a Hematoma?

Recovering from a hematoma can happen quickly or can take a long time.

Someone gets better depends on how bad the hematoma was and how the person’s natural disposition was.

Below instructions are useful methods, as well as long-term solutions before it becomes uncontrollable and difficult to handle.

Apply Cold Compresses On The Injured Part:

Applying cold compresses is a useful measure.

When you fall, bump against the edge of the table, slip on the stairs or undergo surgery.

Don’t wait whether the bruise appears or not because it’s too late for you to treat.

You use plastic bag containing ice water placing it on the injury or buy ice pack containing green liquid at the pharmacy.

Then put it in the freezer for 4 -5 hours and place it on the wound.

The aim is to make blood vessels shrink, which results in relieving swelling, bleeding.

You should carry out this measure three times a day and 20 minutes once time.


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Use Heat

After you place ice water on the injury, you can secure in the knowledge that the injury doesn’t become livid for the slight damage.

To hard injury, you can see this bruise but small and light.

At this time, you should use heat to make the congestion melt quickly.

You soak the cloth in hot water, squeeze it dry then place it on the injured part.

You continuously carry out for 1-2 hours that depends on the extent of the congestion.

The heat makes the blood circulate better, so the congestion melts quicker.

Use Vitamin C

Taking a good Vitamin C supplement is an efficient and natural way to help you with the hematoma.

According to the North Carolina University’s research, who has little vitamin C in the body whose congestion often melt slower.

Vitamin C makes up the collagen layer to protect the body.

These layers are thinner in the feet, hands, face. That is why at this place, congestion appears more likely, darker and more long-lasting bruises.

So, if you find yourself prone to bruising than others, which is not due to more toxins under your skin than others, because of the short of vitamin C.

Fruits and vegetables have got vitamin C. Almost people think that oranges and other citrus fruits are the most abundant vitamin C supplement.

But red bell pepper is the food filled with vitamin C, more than any particular food.

Besides, other abundant sources of vitamin C include kiwi, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe.

You need to consume 1500 mg vitamin C a day to have less bruising: You can start with 500 mg vitamin C in the morning.

And take another 500 mg at noon if you haven’t seen any effect, then take another 500 mg in the afternoon if there are still no effects.


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Please note: Many people who have got stomach ache due to swell, ulcer are advised not to eat sour food.

However, individuals who have got stomach ache still can eat food which is filled with vitamin C includes sweet fruits such as papaya, watermelon…

as well as leafy green vegetables such as spinach, Swiss chard, and broccoli goes on and on, but not to take drugs from vitamin C.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar strengthens blood flow, helps to promote healing, also reduce the likelihood that your skin will form bruises.

Soak your washcloth/towel into the vinegar mixture (a few slices of dehydrated onions and apple cider vinegar.)

and then place the soaked towels directly onto your injured part for 15 minutes.

Do vasodilation activities after early onset of injury.

Take a warm bath: Bathing with hot water makes the muscles relaxed as well as blood flow better.

That helps not only to relieve pain but also taking out the blood clots from the affected area easier.

Rest the Injured Part

It is important for you to rest the injured part for from a few days to a few weeks to allow it to heal.

The continual strain is placed on the injured part, which leads to swelling, pain or even further damage.

However, you should avoid sitting still a place, instead of light exercising to help the body recover faster, promote the process of the circulation of blood.

Hope you will recover soon with this above instruction. Good luck!

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