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wbc normal range

wbc normal range and WHITE BLOOD COUNT update 2017!!!

We are in the hustle and want to get a luxurious life as soon as possible but sometimes what we are neglecting is the health problems that matters a lot to us.

But we ignored, to get the luxurious life it is vital to pay attention and has to do a properly examine from your health experts twice in the year.


Remember one thing if you want to achieve you’re dreaming then the most important aspect is to maintain your health because we all know about dis quote “Health is wealth” so don’t ever comprise with your health.

Here we are going to highlight the one test that is also very necessary to do twice in the year.

This test is related to white cells called white blood test this test is helpful to count the number of white cells in you is the body.

wbc normal range

WBC is the abbreviation that is used for a white blood test.

Here we are going to give you the detail of this trial and how it performs what you has to do with test and why this test is important to do.wbc normal range


There are five types of white blood test;

  1. Monocytes
  2. Basophils
  3. Neutrophils
  4. Lymphocytes
  5. Eosinophil

A white blood test is helpful to fight against infections in you’re the body.

Without the presence of these cells, your body will be unable to compete with germs.

wbc normal range

Now the question is how and why this test is performed?


How is this test performed?

For this test you just has to give a blood sample, when a needle is injected for blood sample some people feel pain, some feel a sting or a prick.

It might be possible some of you feel throbbing that goes away soon.

wbc normal range

After knowing dis, it’s time to know the reason why we need to know about our white blood cells amount or why this test is performed?

Why is this test performed?

You need to know about many white blood cells because if your body has produced a lot of white cells.

Then it may cause a variety of reasons like people face allergy or infection having a larger number of white cells.

wbc normal range

But sometimes people suffer the low, or high level of white blood cells this is the usual thing.

One more thing an increasing amount of WBC might be the reason for blood cancer such as lymphoma and leukemia.

Now something about the range of white blood cells;

wbc normal range

WBC normal range

The values of a normal range of white blood cells may vary from lab to labs.

The reason behind this might be the standard operating procedures (SOP) that can vary from lab to lab. Usually, the WBC normal range in the blood is 4500- 11000 per microliter.

What does high or low white blood cells mean?

Now the question what will happen or what happens if you are not lying in this WBC normal range. We will encounter with two phases one is the low-level WBC, and another phase is the high-level WBC. Let’s start from the phase 1;

Phase 1:

Low-level WBC

wbc normal range

Individual facing low-level WBC in blood is called leukaemia; leukaemia counts the white blood cells below than 4500.

The neutrophil is the one type of white blood cell that is enlisted about its presence is important in blood to fight against infections but what if someone faces its deficiency.

If an adult has fewer than 1700 necrophiliacs in a microliter of blood will also lying on this category of low-level WBC.

On the other way if this range will down further suppose fewer than 500 necrophiliacs in a microliter of blood.

Then the risk of getting infected will also be higher because of the low-level of white blood cell in the body.

The reason behind these fewer neutrophils will be; 

wbc normal range

1: Liver disease

2: Treatment of cancer radiation

3: Any surgery related to bone marrow failure

4: Different types of viral illness

5: Certain infections causes from bacteria

These are the few reasons that cause fewer neutrophils that further reduce the white blood cell in your body and restrict your white cells to lying in the WBC normal range

Now come to the second phase that is related to the high-level WBC;


Phase 2:

High-level WBC

Many reasons show why your white blood cells are high in level; the high-level WBC is called leukocytes.

Leukocytes occur due to these grounds including taking too much depression or stress, smoking, any bacterial infections, use of specific drugs or medicine, allergies or tissue damage.

So these are some reasons that better explain the reasons for the low and high level of white blood cell in your body.

Here we are also going to tell you the name of some drugs that include the power to low and high the white blood cells

Drugs and low level of WBC: Following are the drugs that are going to enlist that help you to know the name of the drugs that cause lower level WBC;

wbc normal range


1: Anticonvulsants

2: Captopril

3: Clozapine

4: Antibiotics

5: Terbinafine

6: Antithyroid drugs

7: Chlorpromazine

8: Diuretics

9: Quinidine

10: Terbinafine

Drugs and High level of WBC:

wbc normal range

           Following are the drugs that are going to enlist that help you to know the name of the drugs that causes high-level WBC;

1: Heparin

2: Epinephrine

3: Beta-Adrenergic Agonists

4: Lithium

5: Granulocyte Colony-stimulating factor

So these are some important things that are necessary to know every individual for their health.

One last thing that is worthy to mention here is the risk that is attached while taking the blood sample.

As we all know veins and arteries can be very individual to individual so it might be risky for some people to give their blood sample.

It is possible they feel lightheaded, infection, bleeding or hematoma. Hope so you will get enough information that will help you to sort out your health problem and give an alarm to do your tests when you feel something fishy that restricts your life via WBC normal range.



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