Top 9 Amazing Home Remedies for Yellow Jacket Sting


Have you got yellow jacket sting? If yes, have you known how to deal with it right at home? Yellow Jacket Sting usually makes your injury red.


Painful and even swell. Seriously, somebody could have some allergic reaction due to a yellow jacket sting.

Fortunately, these symptoms can be treated naturally at home if you know the right methods.

Thanks to them, your sting could be subsided within 1 to 3 days.


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The only thing you have to care is applying these treatments carefully and make sure the sting is no longer inside your skin.


You just need to get it out of your skin with a needle or a knife, and then wash this area with soap or salt water.

Here are nine amazing home remedies for Yellow Jacket Stings you can apply:

Ice packs

yellow jacket sting itch


A cold compress is the first treatment you should apply in case you are stung.


Your swelling can be reduced quickly.


You can put some ice cubes in a small piece of cloth and place it on your wound.

Just let it there about 10 minutes, and repeat this therapy for several times until you feel better.

If you don’t have ice, use a bottle of cold water instead. Never put ice or cold water directly on your wound, it can be worse.

yellow jacket sting
Yellow Jacket Sting



yellow jacket sting symptoms


Honey is a natural gift for human health, and it is very effective for your sting.

What you need is pure honey, there are two options for you to use honey with your wound.

First, apply honey on the affected area; wait until honey dries out, around 30 – 40 minutes for that.

Then you can wash it and repeat this treatment for a few days.


Secondly, mix honey with turmeric, spread this paste on your wound, let’s it dry and rinse it off.

Also, this therapy could be applied a couple of days.

You see? Not only for your skin, but honey is also magic for your yellow jacket stings.



Another useful remedy for yellow jacket stings is vinegar.

Like cold compresses, vinegar can also reduce your swelling thanks to its acetic acid.

Your wound could be less painful thanks to this cure.

Allow vinegar on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes, and you can feel the difference after rinsing it off.

Baking soda

Baking soda and water can make your pain disappear.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda and a little water; then apply this paste on your affected area.

Leave it there for 10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

This treatment can be repeated for several times as needed.

This natural cure is very effective so don’t panic when you are stung, baking soda and water can help you.

Lemon juice and alcohol


yellow jacket sting pictures


If you are stung when you are drinking a cup of lemon juice, you have the available cure for your wound.

A mixture of lemonade and little alcohol will help to reduce your inflammation. What a great mixture is!



yellow jacket sting reaction

There are many kinds of herb will help you make your wound better, including plantain, lemon balm, clove oil, etc.

With leaves like plantain leaves, you have to extract water from it and spread it on your wound, then wash it off and repeat it as much as needed.


Your pain, swelling will be relieved soon.



yellow jacket sting infection


Apart from natural cures, you can use some kinds of medicine to treat the stings.

Aspirin is one of them. Make some wet aspirin and rub it on your affected area, you can see its benefit in dealing with yellow jacket stings.


However, you should ask your doctor or pharmacist for a piece of advice to get the best result if you are allergic to any ingredients of medicine.




yellow jacket sting pain scale

This ingredient is not only used to remove toxins from your body but also reduce your pain and swelling.


You can create a paste from charcoal and water. Apply it on your skin for several hours like other pastes from honey.

Aspirin, vinegar, then wait until the paste dries out, you rinse it off with warm water and repeat it if needed.

Also, a mud pack which mixed from clay soil and water also has the similar benefit like charcoal.

Similar effect, similar treatment, you can choose one of them to prevent your wound from pain and swelling.


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yellow jacket sting pain duration

Is fried onion your favorite food?  Whatever your answer is, you will be surprised of another usage of this vegetable for yellow jacket stings.

This remedy is very simple. Just a slice of onion put on your wound, all the pain and inflammation will be defeated.

Dealing with yellow jacket sting is not difficult; however, you have to keep calm and don’t panic.

You can find the useful remedy with many available, simple ingredients at home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

You will see your life easier with home remedies for yellow jacket stings.

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